How to Get Help

How to get help.

One issue I have had over the years is to find the right Psychiatrist.  There were many times I couldn’t afford the cost but needed the help.  Over the years I have found alternatives for inexpensive or free treatment and medical support when I was in a difficult financial situation.  What is most important is to gain the medical support to help stabilize your life. 

I have found in the Boston and Eastern Pennsylvania areas some resources which may be helpful to investigate if you are in a situation that you want help but cannot afford it.  These resources exist in nearly every state and can be found through searching the web. 

There are many affordable alternatives in your area.

There is a national   organization NAMI.  NAMI is the National Alliance of Mental Illness. 

There are many locations of this free support group for friends, families and patients.  Locally in Trenton, NJ here is the contact information

Address: NAMI Mercer NJ
1235 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd.
Building C, Ste 303
Hamilton, NJ 08619
Phone: (609) 799-8994
Email Address:
Serving: New Jersey Capital Area

For more information where there is help in your area for support and those who need support and greater understanding of your illness please see this site: 

  Another good resource is a local university which has a psychiatry program and department.  In these departments there is an area for Mental Health specialization.  Locally in Pennsylvania here

I.  University of Pennsylvania

            1.Department of Psychiatry – Penn Behavioral Health – Mood Disorder Treatment Center

            2. Penn Nursing – Nurse Practitioner – Psychiatric-Mental Health –

II.  Lenape Valley Foundation –

In Boston MA here are some resources

  1. McLean Hospital :
  2. University of Massachusetts – Boston
  3. Mass General Hospital – Mood Network Resources

These websites can give great help, direction and understanding.  The biggest factor is to be willing to get help. 

Sometimes it is very hard, sometimes we think we can ‘fix it’ on our own and weather the storm of depression or mania.  The goal is to be stable and move forward in a balanced life.  In order to do that – you have to be willing to get guidance and help from professionals. 

I encourage you to investigate these and please offer comments of your experience when researching and gaining help.

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