What we have in common with the global world during this pandemic

It occurred to me today, after 45 days of solitude and social distancing, is our world is experiencing solitude as I have when deeply depressed. In those times I isolate, sleep, don’t sleep, eat, don’t eat, watch tons of TV and walk my dog. In fact the only exercise I get is walking my Sally. Well, here I sit for a month and 1/2 and once again I am doing all the above.

The difference between now and then is that I am really REALLY enjoying being home alone. I guess because I am now 62 I certainly BETTER be comfortable by myself. Don’t have alot of time left on this planet – I say I am in the back 6 holes of my life. So I need to make sure I am trying my best to stay balanced and if the depression or mania rears its ugly head raise my hand… get advice from my Psychiatrist and adjust meds until stabilization occurs.

Now currently I am REALLY enjoying my netflix, hulu and amazon prime and that makes me happy. I have my knitting which i love and everyday I wake up at 8 and start thinking ….. what shall I cook for dinner. Seriously I am having a blast as when I work at my job ( which I don’t have right now – for obvious reasons) I am unable to cook like this 7 days a week.

I am hopeful that my readers understand what I am saying and if you are struggling with lonliness take a deep breath, take a walk and do something for yourself you haven’t been able to do for many years.

God bless you all & Stay safe.


One thought on “What we have in common with the global world during this pandemic

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  1. Liz I am glad you are identifying how this time is working for you. So glad you have your
    Sally. As weather gets better those walks will also. Have a great Monday, peace.


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